Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review: Eureka!

1141 Chorro St, San Luis Obispo

Hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend!  I spent the whole weekend down on the central coast enjoying some delicious food, wine and spending time with some lovely people.

While there, I stopped into Eureka! in downtown San Luis Obispo and gave their mac and cheese side dish a try.  It's a little more like an extra creamy alfredo pasta, so I don't know that I'd totally call it a mac and cheese, but it was very very tasty.  It's not a very large portion, but if you are just looking for a quick, smaller meal, it's just right.  I paired it with a pinot noir, but it probably could've stood up against a denser wine since it was so rich.

When it arrives at the table, it comes in a small skillet resting on a wooden base and garnished with a fried sage leaf.  It's definitely very pretty and looks very appetizing.  The sauce is very creamy, and though the dish lacks any kind of crispy, cheesy or breaded topping, you don't miss it.  The flavor is very rich but definitely resembles more of an alfredo pasta than a mac and cheese.

Either way, you probably won't be disappointed if you stop in at a Eureka! location and pick up the side dish.  Happy dining!

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