Here it is: My list of the Top Ten mac & cheeses I've tried in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Some might disagree with what's made (or not made) the list, but I stand by my choices!

1. Homeroom (Oakland)

Perhaps one of my favorite places in the world, Homeroom has a consistent level of quality in their rich and creamy sauce, available in a multitude of options that can't be beat.  Be sure to try their best-seller, the Gilroy Garlic Mac.
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2. Sideboard (Danville)

My long-time number one before trying Homeroom, Sideboard makes one of the best truffle mac and cheese dishes around the Bay Area.  I especially like their use of Gruyere cheese and their delicious breadcrumbs.

3. Sauce (San Francisco)
Sauce's mac and cheese definitely wins for the most flavor rich dish.  There are so many cheeses in here that your brain can hardly comprehend each one.  I went to the Belden Place location in the Financial District, but I believe there are other spots in the city where you can pick up a dish of this cheesy, gooey dish.
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4. T-Rex BBQ (Berkeley)

While some new ownership and a slight menu change did seem to knock the quality of this dish down a slight bit, it's still the best mac and cheese you'll find in Berkeley.  And it's worth trying their homemade potato chips while you're there, too!

5. Whole Foods (Walnut Creek)

I know, I know.  Whole Foods?  I was skeptical, too.  With delicious flavor and an enviable baked cheese and breadcrumb topping, this has quickly become of my favorite go-to meals while running errands.  They even have to keep the dish behind glass and have it served by request so customers don't just steal the topping.  Keep in mind, every Whole Foods makes their dishes a little differently, so you'll probably be disappointed if you try somewhere other than the Walnut Creek location.

6. Presidio Social Club (San Francisco)

I read about the Social Club's mac and cheese in a local "best of" article and knew I had to try it.  While I still have many restaurants to try in the city, this is definitely the one of the best mac and cheese dishes I've had in San Francisco so far.


7. Fat Angel (San Francisco)

By far the best spot if you are heading to a concert afterwards, Fat Angel Food & Libation is just down the block from the famous Fillmore Auditorium.  This is the spiciest addition to the list, so be sure to order a cool drink to balance it out.
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8. The Vine at Bridges (Danville)

The first of my non-cheese mac choices, the Vine at Bridges uses butternut squash instead of cheese.  Vine's version beats out competing Mua in Oakland, however, because of the creamier texture and use of bacon.  I'd easily choose this over plenty of other standard mac and cheese options I've had in the past.
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9. Mua (Oakland)

Another butternut squash recipe that really rocks.  It takes just like the real thing, and even without cheese, it beats many other mac and (real) cheeses I've tried.

10. 1515 (Walnut Creek)

This downtown Walnut Creek restaurant and bar definitely wins for hottest served mac and cheese. Notice the napkin on the skillet handle.  The dish has such an appetizing cripsy cheese topping that you might not be able to wait for it to cool down.
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Where are all these places, you ask?  Well, there's an infographic for that.

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