Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fit Tip of the Day: How Many Minutes?

Since Mac & Cheese isn't my only love in life, I've decided to start featuring some fitness tips I pick up in my everyday journey of living a more active life.  Most specifically, I've taken up jogging and running races and what not, so most of these tips will probably be geared towards that.

Here's a tip about how much of a given exercise you'd probably have to do to burn off the calories from one serving of mac and cheese.  I'm going to use an estimate from the Homeroom Gilroy Garlic Mac since that seems to be a pretty popular choice and mention on this blog.

The estimated calorie count for the Gilroy Garlic Mac (based on Homeroom's Mac & Cheese cookbook) is 940 calories per serving.  For this entry, I won't be factoring in the fat/carbs/protein break down and how they affect digestion, nutrition, etc., but for anyone who is curious, it's approximately 59g in total fat, 58g in total carbs, and 41g in protein.

If a 150 pound person were to eat a full serving of the Gilroy Garlic Mac, they would need to complete the following times for the following activities to burn off the 940 calories:

Running (8-min mile): 63 minutes
Running (10-min mile): 79 minutes
Running (12-min mile): 94 minutes
Jog/Walk Intervals: 135 minutes
Walking (4mph): 157 minutes
Swimming (vigorous effort): 79 minutes
Swimming (moderate effort): 118 minutes
Stationary Bike (vigorous effort): 73 minutes
Stationary Bike (light effort):  135 minutes
Basketball: 94 minutes
Football: 86 minutes
Jump Rope: 94 minutes
Tennis: 118 minutes
Volleyball: 94 minutes
Golf: 188 minutes
House Cleaning (vigorous effort): 235 minutes

Interesting list, huh?  I love my mac and cheese, but I love it even more when I balance it out with an activity like running or jogging.  I thought I'd share this list with everyone in case there was anyone out there interested in doing the same.

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