Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Review: Sidecar

1127 Broad St, San Luis Obispo

Large portions!
While in San Luis Obispo for Memorial Day weekend, I stopped into Sidecar, one of my new favorite bars to visit while on the central coast.  Last time I visited Sidecar, I just got a couple drinks (they are pretty well stocked with some good bourbons and whiskeys), and had some popcorn at the bar.  This time, I wanted to sample their restaurant menu.  It also happened to be my birthday so I was pretty excited to celebrate with some mac and cheese.

I ordered the Butternut Mac, which includes roasted butternut squash, vermont cheddar cheese and is topped with breadcrumbs.  It wasn’t very rich, but had some good flavor.  I think that it would have really soared if it had had a creamier sauce.  The cheese and butternut squash had a tendency to just kind of clump together on the noodles.  The topping didn’t add much in the way of flavor and felt more like a slight texture change.  The portion was great, though.  I barely finished half of it.

If I were to return to Sidecar, I probably wouldn’t order the mac and cheese.  I’d probably inquire into their market cut or market fish selections.  My boyfriend ordered their market cut, which was a delicious steak with some really good mashed potatoes and veggies.  Another dish I would look into would be the tator tots side, which I’ve heard is pretty delicious.

If you find yourself in San Luis Obispo, definitely give Sidecar a visit, if not for the mac, but at least for the great bar selection, some really good popcorn and a cool environment.

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